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Bagel-ish is a bagel shop like no other. When you visit Bagel-ish, you will “Experience the Extra-Ordinary”. It is a small retail shop in the vibrant compact city of Beacon, NY just one hour north of Manhattan, in the Hudson Valley nestled between Mt. Beacon and the Hudson River.  

Our bagels are produced with a unique process using specially milled flour with no bleaching agents or bromides.  When possible, we source locally produced flour, butter, bacon, salmon, and coffee.  

For our ethnically diverse offerings, we source ingredients from around the globe, including Lebanese extra virgin olive oil, Lebanese za'atar, Irish cheddar, Korean and Portuguese sea salts.

We are constantly searching to enhance our offerings, so with each visit to Bagel-ish, you may find a new treasure.

Bagel-ish, the newest creation in a family of Bagel Innovators.

Bagel-ish, created and operated by Beth George, whose first bagel business, Spelt Right, was located in Maine and NYC, in which she created unique spelt bagels for her son who was sensitive to common wheat.  

Appreciating Beth's knowledge of bagel formulas, business background, and years of practicing law, Frank Mauro, a bagel industry veteran, encouraged Beth to become a bagel business consultant.  

In 2013, Beth and Frank created BYOB BAGELS, a bagel business consulting company.  Since that time, Beth and Frank* have been helping individual entrepreneurs, across the United States and around the world, build independent bagel businesses.  Their love of all things bagels continues with the creation of Bagel-ish.

*Sadly, Frank passed away unexpectedly on November 6, 2023, so he was unable to experience the completion of Bagel-ish.  We believe that Frank's spirit, "Frank Advice," and good humor lives on, and we hope he is smiling down upon this next chapter.

BYOB BAGELS "The Cradle of Global Bagel Baking"

The New York Times coined BYOB BAGELS as “the Cradle of Global Bagel Baking” for helping entrepreneurs open independent bagel shops across the United States (23 states and counting) and around the globe (13 countries and counting). BYOB BAGELS was featured in the New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning and The Dish, ABC Localish and Bite Size, Food 52, Rachael Ray, Milk Street Kitchen, Commercial Baking, and many other publications, podcasts and blogs.

Artisan All-Natural Gut-Friendly Bagels

Bagel-ish and BYOB BAGELS are known for artisan all-natural “gut-friendly” bagels, which are crispy on the outside, light and chewy on the inside, with a mild sourdough essence. Each bagel is crafted in-house in a meticulously designed facility that uses no fossil fuels in the production of any food, and uses a fraction of the water that is traditionally used in bagel production.

It Starts With Being A Mother

Starting with helping her children more than 20 years ago address health issues with better nutrition, Beth focuses on producing delicious offerings made only with natural ingredients (you know, the kind your grandparents and great-grandparents would understand)

Bagel-ish offers traditional sourdough wheat bagels, along with the Bagel-ish-es™, an artisan stuffed bagel that can serve as a quick grab n’ go meal for breakfast, lunch or anytime.

We are constantly innovating at Bagel-ish so if you have any suggestions for bagels, bagel toppings, or bagel-ish-es,™ drop us a note on-line or in our suggestion box. If we make something you suggested, you will win a bagel-sandwich or bagel-ish™ of your choice for 4 weeks.